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Whack-a-Stimulus PEAK Game (RAP)

The RAP is a computerized program designed to build fluency within Relational Training. The user can input any training stimuli into the program by creating folders and an output file is created to develop cumulative graphs easily using Excel or any other program. Click on the PDF button below to view a task analysis on how to build and run the RAP.

Screen Shot 2020-03-26 at 4.58.43 PM.png

Computerized PEAK Program Template

A customizable computerized PEAK program developed using Microsoft PowerPoint. PPT was used because developing programming in this platform is likely familiar to most users. Usable on iPad and Windows products. Please follow this link for our paper detailing this tool: Developing Remote Delivery of Language and Cognitive Training for Use With Children With Autism: A Technological Report | SpringerLink

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