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Behavior Analysis and Research Clinic

Missouri State University

Child at Psychologist


Our goal is to work with families in the community to build language and cognitive skills in children with various disabilities, including autism spectrum disorder. This work is part of a research project that seeks to evaluate effective language and cognitive training technologies for use with children.  We aim to teach skills that allow children to contact their lives more fully and to improve communication and adaptability.  Participation in the clinic is free for families and is supported by Missouri State University. Sessions are conducted by trained graduate students in the Applied Behavior Analysis program as part of a comprehensive practicum. Sessions are led by senior student researchers and supervision is provided to the student therapists by Dr. Jordan Belisle, BCBA.


Language and cognitive training and life skill coaching are guided by the PEAK Relational Training System (PEAK) developed at Emergent Learning. PEAK is currently the most evidence-based comprehensive language and cognitive training system available to behavior analysts. Research has supported the effectiveness of PEAK in teaching new skills and improving performance on several measures of adaptive and intellectual ability. We work directly with families to set goals for children that take part in this research clinic. 

Check out this link for more information about this technology:

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The research clinic is designed to provide free access to behavioral language training for children in the community, to provide learning opportunities for students in the Applied Behavior Analysis program, and to contribute to research that will be disseminated to special education and therapy centers throughout the country. Our research has been featured at several national and international behavior analysis conferences, including new technologies developed in our clinic as well as outcome research. Students who have completed their practicum in the clinic have moved on to become behavior analysts in the community.

Please contact us for further information regarding the clinic and participation.

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