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HUB Research and Practice Lab

Our mission is to understand human behavior from a natural science perspective and to use this science to improve the experiences of people. The lab includes a number of research collaborators and student researchers who work together to infuse science into the world.
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Primary Areas of Research

The LOTUS Project

The LOTUS Project is a multi-lab effort to develop new and innovative technologies for use with children and adults with behavioral challenges. And, we seek to disseminate these technologies to community service providers throughout the country. This work supports student assistantships and practicum opportunities at Missouri State University and is supported by community agencies and the university. Current projects underway include analyses of program efficacy, the development of new delivery technologies, and improving program transportability.


The EMERGENCE Project is about fostering connections between basic experimental science and language and cognitive training programs. The basic science branch seeks to understand how human language and cognition self organizes and operates at neurological and molar levels of analysis. The applied science branch seeks to develop new technologies directly from these new discoveries. This project is supported by a research and practice site in Missouri. This work supports assistantship and practicum opportunities at Missouri State.


The COMMUNITY Project is a multi-lab and interdisciplinary effort to embed new behavior science discoveries at a culturo-behavioral level. Our first goal is to apply behavior scientific principles to impacting human impact on the environment, and specifically climate change. Our second goal is to understand the complex interplay of culture-level factors that contribute to race and gender inequality all around the world. We also seek to become directly involved in volunteer opportunities in our local communities and to disseminate behavior science.  ​O/

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